02 Nov, 2019

By vegas

The process of changing your homes power source to solar is very simple.  You will first meet with one of our energy consultants, who will explain the system, associated costs, rebates, and financing options. Once you approve the design of your new solar layout, we go to work.


We start by doing a physical inspection of your roof to determine exact placement of the panels and inverters. We then send that information to our engineering department, who will create a CAD drawing and electrical diagrams to submit for permitting. Once these permits are granted, we will do the actual installation, which only takes about a day. Once everything is installed, there is another inspection by th.e city to insure it was all done correctly, then NV Energy will come out and install your new 2-way net meter.  Then you will be using the sun to power your home and selling back you excess energy to NV Energy for credit.


You may have personal motives to go solar. You may want to reduce your energy bills and/or increase your property value. You may like the idea of producing your own power. You may value the opportunity to do your part to conserve energy and promote environmental quality by using an eco-friendly renewable energy resource.  Regardless of the reason, Vegas Solar can provide a personalized solution to your home


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